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Fishing Life is a relaxing game for a man who, after being fired, decides to return to his homeland. There, he takes up fishing, a hobby he learned from his father, to find a sense of inner peace.

The game in Fishing Life is simple. You start with a fishing rod and a small boat moored near a lighthouse. To throw your line, just press the button to the right. After a few seconds, you will catch a fish. Next, you need to decide if you want to go to town to sell the fish or use it as bait to catch an even bigger one.

With the money you earn from selling fish, you can buy all kinds of improvements. You can get a better fishing rod to go further. You can also improve the fishing line to catch heavier fish. And, of course, you can upgrade your boat to go further and find bigger fish.

Fishing Life is a relaxing game with a fun story, great graphics and a charming soundtrack that plays all the time. At sea, you can catch all kinds of fish and check your collection whenever you want.


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