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Fishercat is a simple fishing game that challenges you to help a cat catch as many types of fish as possible using a harpoon.

The game at The Fishercat is simple: your little fishing friend will use a boat to reach one of the islands surrounding his floating cabin. At the beginning of the game, the only available island will be Coral Reef Island and you will have to fully explore it before you can go to the next island. Once you are at the fishing spot, your cat will jump into the water along with its oxygen tank and harpoon and embark on the adventure.

Once you reach the deep sea, you will see all kinds of creatures: a bunch of different fish, jellyfish, turtles … All these marine animals deserve some kind of reward, but they are not all worth the same. For example, a common fish is worth 20 points, but an ocean fish is worth 150 points. You should also keep in mind that each fish swims at a different speed, so you will have to use your harpoon differently on each trajectory.

As you continue to play and catch more fish, you can start buying upgrades for your fishing gear: better oxygen tanks, nets, worms, electric weapons and basically anything else you may need to make your life a little better. fishing more efficient job.

Fishercat is a perfect game for those who love fishing or just want to have a great time fishing with an adventurous cat.


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