Firefox Developer Edition 87.0b4 for Mac

Download Free Firefox Developer Edition 87.0b4 for Mac

The Mozilla Foundation has an alternative for its regular client, which publishes trial versions of its browser that will be officially distributed in the future. Firefox Developer Edition has now replaced the Aurora channel to offer a browser update every half month, long before it was released to the standard channel, and it also has some additional web development-focused features.

This version includes many tools for creating, editing, and testing projects on various devices and browsers, with all new features grouped in a drop-down menu in the toolbar. Includes WebID, a development kit for creating websites and applications for Firefox OS, as well as an extension for viewing and editing projects on other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and another for checking pages in other browsers such as Chrome. or Safari.

Other features include options for checking the page source code and modifying HTML and CSS directly from the browser while viewing changes in real time. It also offers debugging and performance analysis options that allow, for example, to check the network status when sending online requests or to view a change log with all the interactions you make on a page.

For the typical user, the only difference from the original Firefox is a darker theme and the aforementioned features not yet included in the fixed channel, making this version ideal for developers as well as those who want to know the latest developments in their favorite Browser.


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