Firefox 84.0.1 – Download for Mac Free

Download Free Firefox 84.0.1 – Download for Mac Free

Web browsers are always innovating to give us better performance and new features that adapt to new uses and technologies The Mozilla Foundation, the company behind Firefox, does not wait, and in this eternal struggle with Google Chrome to be the best browser in the world, as well as the most used, decided to go one step further with its core product.

New features of Quantum: higher speed and lower consumption

The name given to the latest development of the company is Firefox Rate. Not as groundbreaking as Microsoft with Internet Explorer and Edge, but continuing where it left off Firefox to implements new features and functions in its browser.

After some time in which we could download the beta version of Quantum, the final stable release was released with high expectations, especially among the most loyal users of the fox browser as they wanted to know how it improved the previous version of Mozilla Firefox.

Definitely the best Firefox developed to date.

The main new features of Firefox Quantum can be summarized as follows:

  • New and more powerful engine, ready to offer faster performance.
  • Improved page loading with lower resource consumption.
  • A simpler and minimalist design.
  • Particular attention is paid to usability, making it a much more intuitive browser.

Firefox vs Chrome: which is better?

All of these changes have led to a series improvements that can be quantified in many cases to allow us to compare to its rival developed by Google. Its new features allow Chrome to load web pages in half the time it takes. In terms of resource consumption, it is also better as it is 30% lighter and uses less memory … which means more space for other system processes to work better. Or at least that’s what reference tests say.

The The browsing experience has also become more fluid, with user controls that make it easy to browse the web and switch from tab to tab, even if we have hundreds open at the same time. It is important to note that the private browsing feature is now accompanied by an anti-tracking option that does not affect the global performance of your browser.

After all, new features and enhancements have been introduced in other aspects, such as the screen gadget, its pocket, gaming technology and virtual reality, how we can view bookmarks and content saved for later … All the latter without modifying some of the larger features such as extensions or customizability through themes, toolbars, or device synchronization.

How to migrate from Chrome to Firefox?

This is a standard question from many users … do not worry because it now comes with one smart system for bookmarking, autocomplete, passwords and history. It is now much easier to change sides.

Overall, it is one of the most popular browsers in the world, also one of the most effective, which you can download for Windows, iOS, Linux and Android, as well as for Mac. And now a review has been done to offer us the best version.

What’s new in the latest version?

  • Native support for Apple Silicon.

Download Last Version: Firefox 84.0.1 – Download for Mac Free

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