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Fintonic is a financing application that is so comprehensive that once you install it you will not want to use another one, including one from your own bank.

This application has absolutely all the information you could ask for to control your finances: income, expenses, transfers, weekly and monthly summaries and all the information about each transaction.

When you start the application, you must select the bank in which you have your account and include more than one. Fintonic includes a list of each bank in Spain, which solves the problems of other applications that include only the most popular.

Once the application has access to your account (always with the encryption and security that characterizes this type of software), you will see your most recent transactions and your current balance, as well as your total revenue and expenses.

This tool also provides a detailed report of your income and expenses, which are automatically included and categorized to help you determine where your money is going. These categories can be adjusted to better manage your balance sheet.

In addition, Fintonic has a tab with tips on avoiding common waste of money, helping you save money with new ideas.

Finally, Fintonic includes the option of sending an email every time a transaction is made to your account, ideal for those who do not open the application regularly but want to be informed about everything that happens with their money.

The seven deadly sins and how they relate to the applications we use

The seven deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, greed, rage and sloth) are more than they exist in our daily lives. For example, smartphones have become an indispensable tool for ordering food when it rings, or for watching movies and shows on the couch when you feel lazy. We also use our phones when we want to indulge in lust or show up to make our lives look better than they do, and boost our pride. For this reason, we have created a list of some applications that make it easier for us to act on these basic evils using our smartphones.

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