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It is difficult to say which is the best video editor of all, because we are talking about complex tools at a professional level, in which each user ends up specializing in specific and their performance depends directly on the control of each user. But when it comes to choosing the three or four best video editors for PC, we’re sure there is a name that will appear in all lists: Final Cut Pro X. Developed by Apple and only available for Mac, it is one of the most powerful and flexible video editors on the market.

A report for professional video editors

Its users appreciate this software because of it speed when it comes to video editing and uploading, the wide range of tools, the quality of the final result and the fact that it is compatible with third party plugins. All of these features were enhanced by a complete redesign that optimized the organization of the content on the interface and improved the global performance of the program.

Among the top five video editors on PC.

It offers us a wide range of complete functions:

  • Video editing with advanced organization features that provide faster customized workflow.
  • A library-based content organization with automatic content analysis. It allows us to edit metadata and keywords to highlight spaces and integrate them into smart collections.
  • Higher performance with 64-bit architectures and better use of the Mac GPU. In addition, it can edit video in the background without interfering with the workflow.
  • Huge variety of 2D and 3D effects.
  • Built-in audio editing tool.
  • One-step video output that lets you edit directly for social networks like Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook, and prepare files for DVD, Blu-ray and mobile devices like Android and iPhone.
  • More intuitive color handling and recording.
  • Support for third party add-ons

Which final cut is best?

There is no doubt that Final Cut 10.3.4 is better than any other version, including the Pro 7 (although this works on Yosemite). We have already mentioned the redesign that led him to offer better results thanks to the optimization of workflows and the better performance of the program.

You can test it yourself by downloading the trial version which you can use for 30 days for free, with some restrictions. If you want to use all its features, you have to pay the price, over 300 euros, because there is no Pro Free option.

However, if you are going to download the program and you are just a beginner, it is better to have a tutorial. As you know, this type of software (as well as Adobe Premiere) can be very complicated and can not be used without a lot of patience and effort.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Improved stability when using the multi-clip transformation tool.
  • Improved reliability when exporting FCPXML files with composite clips.
  • Corrects many errors.

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