FileZilla Portable 3.56.1 – Free PC Download

Download Free FileZilla Portable 3.56.1 – Free PC Download

If you do not know FileZilla is because he never needed it data transfer via FTP because it is one of the most powerful and reputable open source clients. For this Portable FileZilla The release of this great FTP client was not long in coming.

A FileZilla to take with you

Thanks to Portable Applications, we have now Portable FileZilla perfectly prepared to be is placed in a USB case ready to boot on any computer. Naturally, none of the features of the original FileZilla have been lost: FTP, SFTP, support for IPv6, support for drag and drop, use of tabs for easier navigation, intuitive interface and excellent management of favorite sites.

Portable FileZilla has all the advantages of the regular customer adding the fact that we can go where we want, as well as allowing us to integrate it Portable Applications be able to manage it directly from the interface it provides for all its portable applications.

Portable FileZilla is perfect FTP client if you need to move and you do not mind taking a pendrive with you.

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