Farkle 1.3.4 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free Farkle 1.3.4 – Download for Android APK for free

Dice games offer us fun, entertainment and the excitement of gambling. Now we can enjoy Farkl (also known as Farkel) games whenever we want thanks to this application developed by the Fabros kids.

Dice, speed and luck

Farkl it is one popular dice game dating back to the mid-1980s. In this digital version of mobile, we can enjoy several game modes and endless games after downloading the APK file.

Finally we created Farkl for android.

The rules are very simple. In each row we will roll six dice and we should combine them according to our own strategy. In single player mode and in tournaments we should get as many points as we can in ten roles. On the other hand, in multiplayer mode you have to earn 5,000 or 7,500 points before your opponent.

What if we do not know how to play? Well, absolutely nothing, because this title includes a seminar and a guide with instructions, but we can also learn the moves by looking at the box in the upper right corner that appears in a player’s games.

The interface, without being particularly nice, it is quite realistic, conveys to us that strange casino atmosphere. But the best part is that we can play a game Farkl whenever we want, either against the artificial intelligence of the game or against players from all over the world.

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