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Fantastic Cats is a simple and fun game where all you can do is watch your yard and wait for the cats to show up.

The game in Fantastic Cats could not be easier: every day, you have three goals to complete. These goals are things like buying an orange pillow or feeding cats fancy food. All you have to do is leave objects on the patio to attract different species of cats. Every cat that appears on your patio is linked to your cat’s diary. Depending on the object with which it interacts, it will behave in a certain way and sometimes appears in the costume.

Fantastic Cats is one of those games where the game consists of doing almost nothing, letting time pass as things happen naturally. You have not spent much time playing this game or learning complicated controls to improve your technique. All you have to do is buy fun things for the cats every time, decorate your patio and lift your legs.

Fantastic Cats is a fun game with beautiful graphics and absolutely adorable cats that you can enjoy while sitting and relaxing, letting things happen at their own pace.


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