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Facebook Viewpoints is an application created by Facebook that allows you to participate in tons of surveys and polls. The purpose of these studies is to provide the company created by Mark Zuckerberg with data for the improvement and creation of products and services in the future.

As the various surveys become available, the app will notify you that there are ones you need to complete. This way, you are completely free to participate in the studies that interest you the most. So, you can contribute your opinion and earn points for it. In addition, each survey only takes a few minutes to complete.

Another interesting aspect of Facebook Viewpoints is that you can also join the program by trying out different products on the market. In addition, from the toolbar, you will find a tab where you can track all the surveys you have completed and the points you have earned.

With Facebook Viewpoints, you can collaborate on Facebook product development by providing feedback on various aspects. With statistics generated by each user experience, it will be easier for the giant social network to launch new developments related to their target audience.


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