Facebook Gameroom 1.24.7649.39410 – Free PC Download

Download Free Facebook Gameroom 1.24.7649.39410 – Free PC Download

If you thought that Facebook’s game plans were just about filling your inbox with farm invitations and matching gems, you are very wrong. Especially now that they have just launched their own gaming platform, Facebook game, which means another step to becoming an all-in-one on the Internet.

Play on Facebook

Thanks to this platform, children in Menlo Park can give their idea to play on the social network a little more mind. At the moment, Zuckerberg and company offer application you need to download to your computer to access a game directory (which will be gradually improved and expanded) with a system similar to the Chrome Web Store.

The social network also wants to become a gambling ecosystem.

We are talking about free casual and simple games to spend your free time, but we can take a look at their intention to compete platforms like Android and iPhone when it comes to gambling. The interface has been simplified to the maximum and at a glance you can see almost all the available options:

  • Shortcuts to all available games.
  • Browse various game categories.
  • Section of titles played by the user (which can be removed).
  • Notifications.

Several different categories

The Games are sorted by category, including: action, bingo, board games, building, cards, card battles, casino and poker, role-playing games, puzzles, endless runners, simulation, sports, slots, strategy, quiz games and word games. And if you were wondering if you can download games on Facebook, the answers are definitely no.

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