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Download Free Evernote 10.6.9-2254 – Free PC Download

Inspiration, creativity and great ideas come and go and you can remember at any time. We will not always have pens and paper to write on. And there it is Evernote is coming, an application of multiple forms with which we can write down all our ideas as notes and keep them and organize them in notebooks so we never forget them, wherever we are and under any circumstances.

Make sure you do not lose or lose ideas or content.

And to take notes and set reminders on our Windows computer, nothing better than the official client of the application, from which we will be able to create all kinds of notes: text notes in handwritten notes, as well as audio notes, notes recorded with our camera or even screenshots. Where are they stored once created? Well, in the cloud to access them from any other device, whether Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux or the web version of the application.

Main characteristics

  • The best way to maintain everything organized notes.
  • Create themed notebooks which may contain different types of notes.
  • Ability to create voice notes that record your voice, video notes through your webcam, text notes that you can format as you wish, handwritten notes or notes based on screenshots.
  • Capture any idea and organize the appropriate, even entire web pages.
  • Practical search engine to easily find any note.
  • Label system to improve the organization of your notes.
  • Use native hotkeys to create notes and notebooks faster and easier.
  • Notes sync automatically to the cloud so you can access them and search for them from any device.
  • Highly protected servers with encrypted communications to guarantee your privacy.
  • Possibility to share notes with any other user.

What is Evernote Webclipper all about?

Webclipper is a functionality of this software that acts as an add-on or extension for major web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. It’s the next step in the evolution of bookmarks: with with one click you will be able to save any web to read it later with more time and thanks to this add-on it will be added directly to your notes so you do not forget it.

A save button for the web.

But not only will you be able to store the tissues you are most interested in, but you will also write notes on them and highlight parts of text, indicates which places you have found most interesting or simply highlighting those places you have already prepared so as not to miss them again.

What designs are available?

This software has a free version, but comes with two paid programs with which you can extend the basic functions of the program.

  • Basic: is the free version of the program that allows you to upload up to 60 MB of data each month and synchronize your notes with two different devices. Its functions are those explained above.
  • Plus: the next step with a monthly capacity of 1 GB and synchronization with an unlimited number of devices. It also adds the ability to access our laptops offline.
  • Premium: is the most complete plan of all. It offers up to 10 GB of monthly traffic and unlimited synchronization possibilities. It includes all the features of the Plus version, but adds the ability to work with PDF.

Evernote vs. OneNote and Springpad. Which one is the best;

The latter is obviously not the only program for taking notes available for Windows. There are many alternatives out there. Worse or better? This, as always, depends on what each user is looking for.

One of the best options is without a doubt Microsoft’s solution, OneNote, especially if you are familiar with the office suite developed by the kids in Redmond since it was integrated into Microsoft Office, and therefore it is the learning process is much easier from that of the software represented by an elephant head.

As for the Springpad, there is absolutely nothing to discuss. The online service for taking and organizing notes closed in June 2014, asking its users to automatically migrate to Evernote, so it is clear who won the battle between these two applications.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and implementation of improvements.

Download Last Version: Evernote 10.6.9-2254 – Free PC Download

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