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Eternal is a collectible card game set in an intense and magical world where spells and other weapons are in constant battle. It is a fantastic TCG similar to Magic The Gathering, Pokémon Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh !.

Your goal is clear: win every fight with the life of your enemy at 0 with the deck, which you can adjust to the content of your heart. The possibilities are endless, so it is up to you to build the right deck to lead you to victory.

The game is similar to Magic The Gathering: once you get your first mom, you play cards using one of the five mom types every turn. There are creatures, spells, instant spells, weapons and much more, each card with its own strengths and weaknesses.

The most common cards in Eternal are creatures. Everyone has a certain amount of strength and resistance. These values ​​determine the strength of her attack, as well as the size of her life. When a creature attacks, enemies can block the attack if the leaf did not attack in the same turn. The leaves also have different abilities and special powers.

Eternal is an exciting card game with exciting battles. It is constantly evolving and each update adds new cards to the mix. The app also includes a learning feature to help you play your best game.


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