ente 0.3.6 APK Download from ente.io

Download Free ente 0.3.6 APK Download from ente.io

– Repetitions were added to improve the durability of the backups
– ente has been added to the list of applications that can take images through the sharing intent
– additional possibility to change the registered email address
– added usage statistics to the settings screen

Ente provides a simple way to back up your memories.

Ente offers end-to-end encryption by encrypting your photos and videos with your password before backing them up to the cloud so that only you can see them.

Ente stores your encrypted data in multiple locations, including an underground shelter, so that your memories can be stored forever.

Ente lets you share your albums and folders with your loved ones, encrypted end-to-end.

The ente has an open API and source code that has been peer-reviewed and can be trusted.

Ente is available on Android, iOS and the internet.

Download Last Version: ente 0.3.6 APK Download from ente.io

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