eM Client 8.1.979.0 for Windows

Download Free eM Client 8.1.979.0 for Windows

The eM Client is an email client with many features, making it the perfect tool for your daily grind. The usability of this Windows application stands out, thanks to its simple and elegant interface.

Start managing all the features of your email account with eM Client. Once you have added your email account information, you can use the basic features of the application (read or create drafts), as well as some of the most advanced features offered by this client. For example, you have access to basic photo editing tools, a fantastic table editor, Gmail autoresponders, and more. Additionally, it supports PGP for sending encrypted emails.

But there is even more to this email client, as it has many additional tools: a calendar, task manager, contacts and even a complete chat. Its tabs also make navigation very simple.

A great email client with many tools that make it a worthwhile choice for Windows users.


Download Last Version: eM Client 8.1.979.0 for Windows

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