eM Client 8.0.3494 for Mac

Download Free eM Client 8.0.3494 for Mac

EM Client is a multi-feature email client with a simple, sleek interface that makes it easy to use. It’s a great Mac application for your daily email.

To start managing your email with the eM Client, simply enter your email and password. After that, you can use the basic functions of the application (reading, sending, creating drafts) as well as its most advanced features, such as basic photo editor, spreadsheet editor, automatic replies in Gmail and more. Not only that, but this email client also supports PGP encrypted email.

On top of all that, the eM Client also has a calendar, task manager, contact list and even a built-in instant messaging. And, thanks to the way the eM Client organizes its interface on tabs, it is easy to navigate through all these functions.

EM Client is a great email client with many features that make it a great application for any Mac user.


Download Last Version: eM Client 8.0.3494 for Mac

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