Element Secure Messenger (Riot im) 1.0.14 APK Download from Vector Creations Limited

Download Free Element Secure Messenger (Riot im) 1.0.14 APK Download from Vector Creations Limited

Element is a secure messenger and productivity team collaboration application that is ideal for group discussions in remote work. This chat application uses end-to-end encryption to provide powerful video conferencing, file sharing, and voice calling.

Item features include:
– Advanced online communication tools
– Fully encrypted messages that allow more secure corporate communication, even for remote employees
– Decentralized conversation based on the Matrix open source framework
– Securely share files with encrypted data when managing projects
– Video voice chats over IP and screen sharing
– Easily integrate with your favorite online collaboration tools, project management tools, VoIP services and other group messaging applications

The component is completely different from other messaging and collaboration applications. It operates in the Matrix, an open network for secure messaging and decentralized communication. It allows self-hosting to provide users with maximum ownership and control over their data and messages.

Privacy and encrypted messages
Element protects you from unwanted ads, data mining and fenced gardens. It also secures all your data, video and voice communication one-to-one through end-to-end encryption and inter-device authentication.

Element gives you control over your privacy, while allowing you to securely communicate with anyone on the Matrix network or other business collaboration tools by integrating into applications such as Slack.

The item can be hosted on its own
To give you more control over your sensitive data and conversations, Element can host on its own or you can choose any Matrix-based host – the standard for open source, decentralized communication. Element offers you privacy, security compliance and integration flexibility

Manage your data
You decide where to keep your data and messages. Without the risk of data mining or access by third parties.

Element gives you control in different ways:
1. Get a free account on the matrix.org public server hosted by Matrix developers or choose from thousands of volunteer public servers
2. Host your account by running a server on your own IT infrastructure
3. Sign up for an account on a custom server, just sign up for the Element Matrix Services hosting platform

Open messages and cooperation
You can chat with anyone on the Matrix network, whether they are using Element, another Matrix application, or even using a different messaging application.

Extremely safe
True end-to-end encryption (only those in the conversation can decrypt messages) and inter-device verification.

Full communication and completion
Messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, screen sharing and many more built-in bots and widgets. Build rooms, communities, stay in touch and get things done.

Pick up where you left off
Stay in touch wherever you are with fully synchronized message history across all your devices and on the web at app.element.io

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