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Egg Wars is a fun and bizarre adventure where you encounter users from all over the world in a Minecraft-like universe, where your goal is to protect your main egg while destroying your opponents’ eggs. Whoever finishes the eggs of his opponents faster, is declared the winner in it ovum adventure.

Egg Wars engineers are simple. Four islands and four groups of four players: each man is for himself – in a battle with the eggs. He was born as a local on this island, along with your three companions. Your mission is to find a way to destroy all the eggs on the other islands. No matter how you manage to break your opponents’ eggs, your other main concern is to prevent them from destroying your own, otherwise there is no way to win.

In every game you start from scratch. There are no weapons or items that allow you to defend yourself, but the island will produce resources that you can collect for exchange with local merchants. There you will find everything you need to destroy your egg bases, giving you an edge over other users and adding an extra level of help to your teammates.


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