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EasyShare – Ultrafast file transfer is a very complete tool that allows you to share and receive files and applications on your smartphone or any other Android device. It is the easiest way to send any type of item, without weight limits or compatibility issues of any kind. If you have a file to send or receive, this is your application.

One of the main selling points of this app is that when you open it, you can see a complete list of everything stored on your device sorted by category. Thus, the first window displays all the games and applications that you have installed, followed by videos, pictures, music and other files.

To start transferring files, just select what you want to send to another device. One of the advantages is that you can figure out how much space you are going to occupy in the other terminal before sending the files. To complete the process, the other person must open EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer at the same time as you.

Another great advantage of this handy tool is that you can send or receive files via Bluetooth or scan the QR code automatically generated by EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer each time you prepare a shipment. All you have to do is show the password to the other person or click the scan button on your screen. Share or receive games, documents, pictures, videos and whatever you want in the most convenient way thanks to this application.


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