Easy Vault: Hide Images, Videos, Galleries, Files 2.79 APK Download by KewlApps

Download Free Easy Vault: Hide Images, Videos, Galleries, Files 2.79 APK Download by KewlApps

■ Lock and hide images, videos, audio, gallery, or any other document or file to protect your privacy

If you want to lock and hide images (photos), videos, galleries or any other file you can use
“Easy Vault: Hide images, videos, galleries, files” to protect your privacy.

& Lock & hide images (photos)
Και Fast and safe collection
Βίντεο Lock & hide video
. Keep locked photos (photos), videos in folders [Create folder, Rename Folder, Move to other folder]
. Lock & hide collection
. Lock & hide any file or document
Βίντεο Encryption of videos, images and files
Ρεάν Free to use
Ισ Private web browser
Eas Hide Easy Vault icon

—- Characteristics —–
. Hide and lock images (photos) & videos
You can lock and hide photos (Photos) and videos using a password.

. Hide and lock files
not only can you hide your photos (photos) or videos, but you can also lock and hide any file you want to keep private using a password.

. Private / Secure Web Browser
You can now surf the web without a password-protected Internet browser.

Eas Hide Easy Vault icon
You can hide the Easy Vault icon so that no one can see if Easy Vault is installed or not.

▶ Beautiful user interface
Simple and fast user interface with beautiful animations

Or unhide images and videos
unlock and unhide your pictures and videos and move them back to their original location

Supported SD card supported
Keep your hidden images (photos) and videos on your SD card to save space on your mobile.

▶ Presentation
watch your hidden photos (photos) in a presentation.

. Share
you can share any hidden videos, photos (photos) and files.

▶ Folders
keep your hidden images (photos) and videos in folders. you can rename folders and move hidden images and videos to other folders.

Keep your privacy protected. hides your pictures (photos), videos and files in a secret folder.

—- Frequent questions —–

Q 1: Are my photos and files safe if I delete EasyVault?
A: Yes, your files and pictures will be completely secure, all you need to do is reinstall this Easy Vault and it will restore your previous pictures and files.

Q 2: What if someone deletes my EasyVault application?
A: Nothing to worry about, all your photos and other data will be kept safe, just reinstall Easy Vault and restore your backup.

Q 3: Can anyone else see hidden images and files from EasyVault?
A: No one can see your images and files in Easy Vault. Because all your images and files are encrypted and you can only access them by opening the Easy Vault application.

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