Dynamics 365 Remote Assist 2021.2.25 APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Download Free Dynamics 365 Remote Assist 2021.2.25 APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables technicians to work with and resolve problems with remote partners using Microsoft Teams or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, reducing travel time and costs. Technicians and remote collaborators can add augmented reality annotations to provide context guidance. Technicians can also capture and capture images and videos of their organization assets and store them in the Joint Data Service.

Upon download, users will have access to the free 90-day license trial or use the 30-day trial license provided by your organization, if any. Additionally, both technicians and remote partners may need a free or paid version of Microsoft Teams. Additional hardware and licensing requirements vary depending on the features and content available. After this trial period, the technician will need a remote assistance license, which comes with Microsoft Teams and capacity for the shared data service.

• One-to-one and group video calls
• Supports Microsoft Teams meetings
• Add augmented reality annotations to space
• Download and annotate images and video data and save them to the Shared Data Service
• Comment in two-dimensional image of the space during a call
• Send and receive messages, call snapshots, and files via text chat
• Receive session history via call logs
• Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
• Ability to connect call history, call snapshots, and files shared during a phone call via remote control with a relevant Field Service command
• Ability to start a call to a remote partner from the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile application to the Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile application
• Availability on mobile devices without augmented reality (AR) support
• Included in the list of client applications approved by Microsoft Intune

* Commercial features of this application require Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Teams subscription for paid or trial work. If you are unsure about your company subscription or the services you have access to, visit aka.ms/GetRemoteAssist to contact a Dynamics solution specialist or contact your IT department.

By receiving the Remote Assistance, you accept the license (see Aka.ms/RemoteAssistSoftwareLicense) and the privacy policy (see Aka.ms/privacy). For support or feedback, email us at [email protected].

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