Duplicate Media Finder 9,000 for Windows

Download Free Duplicate Media Finder 9,000 for Windows

Duplicate Media Finder is a tool that lets you locate any duplicate file on your computer hard drive, regardless of its format or size.

The intuitive and self-explanatory design of its menus makes the use of Duplicate Media Finder surprisingly simple. This way, even if you have never used this type of tool, you will be able to use all its features without the need for any kind of guides or tutorials. Once you open the program, you only need to select the type of document you are looking for duplicates and the location of these potential files. Once this step is configured, just click “Start” and the process will start almost automatically.

After a few seconds, Duplicate Media Finder will send you to a tab where you can check all duplicate files in this location. This tool is not limited to searching for similarity in the title, but extends its parameters to features such as the size or format of that document. This will allow you to compare, for example, two images in different formats and with variations in size and resolution.

Duplicate Media Finder is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to organizing and managing a large number of files, saving time and effort in the process.


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