Dungeon Boss 0.5.15268 for Android

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Dungeon Boss is a dungeon detector where players form teams and attack dungeons in the amazing fantasy world of the game. You also need to protect your dungeon from attacks by other players.

You can collect dozens of different heroes, the levels of which you can improve. Each hero has several “transformations” that you will unlock when you go up. Be sure to use a balanced set of heroes (for example a water, a fire, a nature).

In single player mode, you can explore tons of dungeons full of enemies, where you will find money and jewelry. However, real prestige is gained in multi-player tournaments. You will be able to buy new heroes and filters with the money and jewelry you collect.

Dungeon Boss is an action game combined with some RPG elements whose graphics are stunning. The internet system is great, but only optional, as you will also be able to play in single player mode.


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