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Download Free Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator 3.39.0 APK Download from Gismart

. Feel the rhythm on your fingers in the ultimate mobile drum experience. WeDrum is a free drum simulator with every type of drum required to become the master of the sticks! Discover how to play drums in a real team. Take app lessons or relax your mind with music and interactive drum games.

Download the best drum app out there, pick up the sticks and get behind the digital drum set the dreams are made! Yes! It’s time to say hello to the only real drum set that fits exactly in a pocket!

Practice skills with realistic instruments to test your abilities. Try the real sounds of the drums to create a unique tone!

Now is the time! Assemble a wonderful garage group. Choose a pianist, guitarist and singer to join the best band out there. Ring fan? Make a drum with ease.

Only for virtuosos?
This beat game is for everyone. Whether an instrumentalist wants to learn or relax with drum sounds, this music game is for everyone who loves music. Open the band app and get started right away. Get every tool you need to practice at Rockstar level. Discover the sound enjoyment from the comfort of… Anywhere!

Developed by professional musicians for musicians, get access to:
– Any instrument imaginable, from a complete set of equipment to a set of life-like drums
– Tons of popular songs for drummers
– Amazing variety of musical genres
– A rocking drum game
– Lesson tools to learn the art of rhythm
– Rock band features

Unique AR drum set
With WeDrum, Discover the most realistic set of real mobile drums with the power of Augmented Reality. Equipped with AR, create a kit from scratch – position these drums the way you want. Just press GO to start drumming!

Χαρακτηριστικά Key features ◆◆◆

SELECT: Choose a favorite song to play from a rich, varied catalog with a wide variety of genres and artists! New free songs are added to Songbook regularly.
BAND: Choose a pianist, a guitarist and a singer to get the real experience of a music artist! Play solo or in groups!
PLAY: Drum in the best songs following dynamic tips and advice! Master the drums to throw out!
ACHIEVE: Keep up the pace to earn the highest score ever! Listen to the crowd celebrating. This is how to be a real musician on stage! Perform an encore to improve this score!
Share: Make sure people never miss a beat! Share the music-love with friends! Show high scores on social media to become the master of the rhythm!

◆◆◆ More notes ◆◆◆

SOLO function
Go to SOLO to fill freedom using a fully realistic drum simulator. Enjoy HD sound, incredibly realistic graphics and more!

What else is there?:

Many sets of drums to choose from!
🎼 Jazz
Ο Rock
Ο Dance
🎼 Electric Pads (Electronic or Beat Pads)
🎵 National drums (Congo and Bongo)
🎶 Japanese drums & Taiko coming soon!

🥁 Advanced settings:
– Mixing function to edit any sound!
– Touch belts to learn each rhythm
– Drum animations
– A metronome that will never lose a rhythm

Χαρακτηριστικά More rockin features!:
– Faster response time without delays!
– High quality audio and individual sound settings for each set of drums.
– Every drum sound is recorded live by a professional!
– Popular songs for learning and playing!

D WeDrum is the perfect tool for:
– Learn to play drums and electronic scoreboards
– Improve your sense of timing with exciting rhythm games
– Are you traveling? Practice drums on the go
– Spend your free time playing awesome drumming games. Why not?

Next Bonham, Grohl or Starr? Will it be world famous? Or just keeping those fingers busy? How to play WeDrum is up to you! Time to immerse yourself in a world of drums, create new skills, listen to great music and become a virtuoso!

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