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Download Free Dropbox 112.4.321 – Free PC Download

People are no more make copies of their files on CD or DVD to take them wherever they go. Even USB memory sticks become obsolete. Since the Internet has expanded and download and download speeds have increased, why carry a USB stick wherever you go if you can upload your files to the cloud and download them whenever and wherever you want?

The best alternative to Google Drive.

This is the main idea behind it online storage services. There are all kinds and genres, but one of the most popular thanks to its great features and because it was a pioneer in cloud storage, it is definitely Dropbox. And if you are a frequent user of this service, you need to get the desktop client for Windows computers so that you can easily manage all your files.

Main characteristics

  • Store up to 2 GB content for free and get more space by inviting friends.
  • Sign up for a paid program to increase your available cloud space.
  • Maximum security and protection for your stored files using SSL and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Compatible with all operating systems and portable platforms: upload your photos directly from your mobile device.
  • Access to files offline.
  • Adjust the bandwidth it uses.
  • Undo changes at will and restore files: keeps a history of your actions in the application for one month.

How to use this client?

You may be more familiar with the web version of this service, where you can also upload the files you want to store in the cloud, but once you get used to the desktop version, you will never return to the web application.

Just as easy as draggin & dropping.

Once installed, Dropbox behaves like any other folder on your computer, but any file you save or copy to this location will automatically sync with the cloud. By simply dragging and dropping or copying and pasting into this folder, you can associate them with your account and access them whenever and wherever you want.

And what about my privacy? Do not worry about that, all files you upload to the cloud are private unless you intentionally share them. How? Right-click on a file and select it Share selection. You will now be able to write the email of the person with whom you want to share the file, the ability to add a comment or modify the access type. How do I see who I have shared a file with? Right-click again and select Access management to see which users can access that file.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive. Which one is the best;

First of all, we must say that Google’s online storage solution is not the only alternative to the almighty Dropbox. There are many interesting possibilities out there OneDrive, Amazon Drive, SugarSync, Box, Mega, SpiderOak or Microsoft pCloud, but when we understand it, we usually go for the big G cloud storage service or the choice of company founded by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.

But which is better? It is difficult to say without knowing the exact needs and desires of that user. To get started, Google Drive offers us much more space, 15 GB compared to 2 GB offered by Dropbox, but there ‘s a big but: it’ s the place to share your Gmail and Google Photos. In the case of the small blue box, it’s all about us and we can expand it by inviting other users.

Google Drive: more space but shared.

On the other hand, this service has no restrictions on the maximum size of any file to be uploaded, provided we use the client as it is, while Google’s solution only allows us to upload files with maximum weight 5 TB. In terms of paid programs, both services offer similar prices ($ 10 per month for 1 TB, although we have to admit that GDrive has a wider range of options with 100 GB per month for $ 2, for example.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

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