Driving belt: Japan 3.2 for Android

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Driving Zone: Japan is a driving game that challenges you to travel to Japan behind the wheel of nine different cars. You can also customize each of them by choosing from hundreds of different colors, traction types or safety features.

There are two different game modes to choose from: accelerometer or touch. You can also choose between three different visual details, as well as two different difficulty levels (arcade or simulation). You can even choose whether you want to see your driver’s hand or not.

Tracks in the Driving Zone: Japan is also amazing. There are four different settings and you can drive in the city or on the highway. You can also drive in summer or winter and the settings will be adjusted to your preferences.

Driving Zone: Japan is a great 3D driving game with stunning graphics, two customizable controls, two types of cameras and an incredibly fun player.

The Driving Zone is a solid bet for those looking for good driving games

Unlike arcade driving games, the simulators try to stay true to real physics to offer an experience closer to what you would really feel behind the wheel of a vehicle. This may make for manipulations that are probably more difficult to handle, but it is an increasingly integral part of the realism that so many driving game enthusiasts follow. The Android catalog has room for everything and there is a specific epic to note: The Driving Zone has a few games under its belt and an amazing performance engine as well as a good number of vehicles you can drive.

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