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Driver Booster is a program designed to update all drivers for audio, video, USB, or other devices on your computer that have become obsolete and may adversely affect your PC performance or cause system errors. This tool allows you to search for and identify outdated drivers, and you will automatically download missing updates.

This application will also protect your computer from hardware failures, conflicts, and system errors. It is very simple to use and works automatically, making it a great solution to help ensure that your system works properly.

Once you open the Booster driver, it will scan your computer for any information that needs updating, remove any old drivers, and replace them with the latest versions.

Additionally, this utility is notable for its “Game Mode” setting, which optimizes drivers to improve their gaming performance to enhance your gaming experience. Driver Booster is a fast and secure tool that does not consume too much resources on your computer, so it does not affect the performance of other tasks.

Keep your Windows drivers up to date with Driver Booster

One of the biggest drawbacks of Windows compared to other operating systems is the manual updating of your installed software, which becomes even more complicated when it comes to updating your system drivers. Although there are some tools to automate this task, Driver Booster is one of the best in its field: a free program that automatically detects and installs updates to your pc drivers with the added bonus of 5 major new features in its latest version.

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