Drive forward! 3.1.3 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free Drive forward! 3.1.3 – Download for Android APK for free

If you were told that a game had to do with hitting your opponent, you would probably think that they were talking about a fighting game or even a sniper in which you have to eliminate a lot of zombies. Almost none of you would think of a car toy Drive forward! for android.

The ultimate car battle game

It is one Arena Battle Game starring all kinds of powerful vehicles in which your goal is exactly that, to land in your opponent’s car or truck to break his driver’s head and add a point to your score.

You will love its graphics, especially if you are a fan of these games with retro graphics thanks to the fact that it integrates huge pixels like yesterday, in the days of 8 and 16-bit consoles. But in addition to its retro look, you can also find the following features and functions:

  • Four game modes, including a local multi-player mode on the same device or over a WiFi network.
  • Explore stage missions in which you can fight against aliens, robots and dinosaurs.
  • Record your best performance and share it online.
  • Customize battles or use random mode.
  • Fight with chainsaws, fire, rain, floods …
  • Unlock cars and improve your vehicle in the lottery you will take part in thanks to the collection of virtual credits.

Football + electric cars = a great success

In addition, by downloading the APK of the latest version of the game you will also be able to play the Summer Football Event in which motor vehicles shaped like giant soccer boots will fight to score more goals than his opponent. Football and cars in the same game … what else could you possibly need?

This does not mean that you can not enjoy the other classic functions available, go beyond the missions and become the king of the mountain. Remember that you can play online with friends or any other user.

Regarding download a computer version, this is quite complicated because, at the moment, it is only available for Android and iPhone. However, you can still resort to the classic APK download method to run it with a BlueStacks emulator. Otherwise, it is impossible, as it is also impossible to play online without downloading anything.

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