DriftOn 1.1.0 for Android – Download

Download Free DriftOn 1.1.0 for Android – Download

DriftOn is an “endless racer” that puts you behind the wheel of a vehicle so you can drive at full speed through a surreal circuit that collapses. Your goal is to try to reach as far as possible and get the best score.

DriftOn control system, like any good driving game for Android, is fully customizable. Use the options menu to choose whether you want to play with touch controls (by touching the sides of the screen to turn) or by using your smartphone’s accelerometer (tilting the device from side to side). Additionally, you can also flip the controls if you prefer.

While the different control options are fine, DriftOn stands out well above other similar games thanks to its graphics options. You can change the resolution at will, adjust the quality of the shadows, turn Vsync, Antialiasing and Bloom on or off. You can even choose from seven different visual effects that radically change the gaming experience. In addition, you can play horizontally or vertically.

DriftOn also offers spectacular games lasting from a few seconds to two or three minutes. Once you start controlling normal operation, you can increase the difficulty level to play in more difficult circuits. But not only that, you will also be participating in new online leaderboards.

DriftOn is a great endless racing game that includes a control system that is perfectly adapted to touch screens, awesome visuals, practically infinite circuits and a bunch of vehicles that you can unlock and paint as you wish.


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