Dream House Craft 1.16-minApi23 – Download for Android APK Free

Download Free Dream House Craft 1.16-minApi23 – Download for Android APK Free

Minecraft players who want to focus on building and decorating buildings, both indoors and outdoors, will enjoy this game. Our mission? Only for enjoy the building and tasting our good taste in environmental design.

Build, decorate and design a dream house or doll house!

Interior and exterior decoration with blocks

Dream House Craft is a block building game in an open world that you can explore in your spare time. However, the interesting thing is to build all kinds of structures and decorate them. Come on, we will design interiors and exteriors. And we can do it block-by-block or by choosing one of the designs of houses and buildings from the menu.

The game will guide us step by step so that we can put each block in its place, also offering us different options of additions and decoration. Luxurious mansions, princess castles, doll houses … There are an infinite number of elements that we can create and then decorate with many objects. All you have to do is download the APK file and Let our imagination run wild.

Make friends with the animals that live around your house! You can pets!

In addition, we will also be accompanied by a pet of our choice (such as Puss in Boots, Garfield or a pink unicorn) and we can make friends with the animals we see interacting with them. And we also have the option to “chat” with non-playable characters (NPCs) and even go out with them.

In terms of graphics, this title follows the complete aesthetics of Minecraft, based on blocks and huge pixels. But that is part of his charm.

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