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Dream 11 is a very strange betting game that lets you choose your favorite sport. You can choose between football, cricket or basketball. Your goal is to create a team that is fully customizable and make real money with it through the games they play.

Playing in Dream 11 is very simple. Choose your sport and start adding players to create your perfect team. As you combine your team, keep this in mind: the points each player has earned in the last game. That way, you will know if a particular player is doing a good job, if they are actively participating in the game and if it will be a good investment at the end of it all. Once you have completed your team, you will need to enter the betting market.

Before you start betting, you should take a look at your final team, make changes, structure changes and see the scores of the last matches. All this is to guarantee the highest possible number of profits. Once you have everything prepared, start bidding on any of the bets you have opened. You will earn more or less, depending on the points accumulated by your team players. If your striker scores a goal, he will add more points than anyone else, but if one of your defensive players gets a card, you will lose some points that could help you get more points than anyone. Your strategy is essential to victory. Enjoy a different way of promoting sports and betting with Dream 11.


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