Draw Climber 1.12.04 for Android

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Draw Climber is a simple game in which your mission is to try to help a cube to go through the levels … by pulling its legs! Not only that, but you will need to design different types of legs depending on the obstacles you have to overcome.

The most fun part of Draw Climber is that you can compete in fun games against other players. While playing in this game mode, you have to watch out for obstacles if you do not want your cube to be left in the dust.

During the match, players drag their feet to the white square at the bottom of the screen. As you plan, try to find the best shape so that your climber can move on each level as fast as possible. Fortunately, some levels have checkpoints, so if you encounter an obstacle, you will start again from the last checkpoint.

Draw Climber is a very addictive game where you can get creative by trying to design a character capable of climbing every level. Take a look and see if you can design the right kind of foot to climb over any obstacle and be the first at the finish line.


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