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Download Free Dragon City – Free PC Download

The opportunity to build a city for dragons is in your hands. To achieve this, all you have to do is download Dragon City, the game in which you are going to build a city whose resources will go to the reproduction and combination of dragons. Play them, combine them and have them fight other dragons in exciting online battles.

Develop a city inhabited by dragons and collect them

You will gradually Build farms, habitats and buildings for your dragons and upgrade them. This will allow you to breed more dragons faster and sort them into different categories: fire, nature, pure, legend … combine them and collect them: there are over 1000 different dragons.

The social side of the game is important and allows you to keep in touch with other players and form alliances with them. This will help you fight other stronger players and also exchange dragons and visit their cities.

Here are the key features of this successful dragon game on platforms like Android:

  • Over 1000 dragons for collection.
  • Discover new dragons every week.
  • Call dragons and discover their abilities.
  • Unlock advanced features as you combine and evolve dragons.
  • Build alliances with other users and fight against stronger opponents.

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