Dr. Panda Town 21.1.89 for Android

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Dr. Panda Town is a toy for children. In this game, you can interact with tons of characters and objects in a small town full of people and other animals. You can play with kids, pandas, cats, hippos and tons of other characters!

This free version of Dr. Panda Town lets you explore the city as well as a house. Along the way, you will find various characters and tons of objects with which you can interact, such as a basket, car or chairs in a cafe. Inside the house, there are many other items to play with: food, toys, electronics and more.

To interact with an object or character in Dr. Panda Town, all you have to do is touch it. If you want to move an object, just tap and slide your finger. You can use this gesture to feed characters or make them interact with other objects.

Dr. Panda Town is a children’s toy that stands out mainly for its amazing graphics. In addition, it is full of charismatic characters and hundreds of different items to interact with and play.


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