Dr.Capsule – Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster APK Download from ESTsoft Corp.

Download Free Dr.Capsule – Antivirus, Cleaner, Booster APK Download from ESTsoft Corp.

Easy, light and perfectly flawless!

Glad to introduce Dr.Capsule, a powerful anti-virus application for your Android smartphone! Frequent database updates, real-time virus detection and cloud scanning will protect your mobile phone from harmful viruses and malware.

Check the current status of your phone at a glance with green / red colors and a single touch is all you need to solve any problem and keep your phone safe and green. The intuitive and convenient user experience meets strong virus protection and absolute protection. See the basic features as below and receive the “Diagnosis-Prescription-Treatment” of Dr.Capsule, all for FREE!


– Virus Scan scans all applications and files on your smartphone. Cloud Scan and real-time monitoring ensure strong and fast virus detection.

– Powerful detection of advanced Smishing messages.
Don’t worry about Smishing messages stealing private / financial information anymore!
We cleverly analyze the message for strong detection.

– AppLock protects your sensitive applications from spyware and keeps your privacy. You can set an additional password for each application you want such as messenger, gallery, Facebook, SMS, call history and more.

– Messenger Cleaner cleans old media files in messenger applications (WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger / LINE / kakaotalk) to provide more storage space.

– Privacy prevents others from watching from your phone screen. It smartly protects your privacy while using messengers, social media apps or banking and mobile payments.

– Auto boost automatically starts memory optimization while the screen is off.

– The Application Manager lists all the applications on your phone, including the rarely used applications and the newly installed applications, so that you can control them at a glance and manage them easily. The user index provides the reputation and risk of each application.

– Privacy Clearance prevents the leak of personal information by clearing your clipboard, browser history, download and search history

(1) Android Antivirus
– Scanning (applications / files)
– Real time monitoring
– Cloud Scan

(2) Full protection
– AppLock
– Wi-Fi management
– Fishing detection
– Privacy coverage
– Privacy clearance

(3) Booster & Cleaner
– Garbage cleaner
– Telephone amplifier
– Messenger Cleaner
– Automatic amplification

(4) Performance optimization
– Battery saving
– Sleep state
– Energy saving function
– Overcharger

(5) etc.
– Fast line
– Flashlight
– Customized user interface (main menu / fast bar)
– Bluelight filter

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