Download Zenkit (latest version 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download Zenkit (latest version 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Zenkit is a Windows Desktop platform for collaboration and project managementZenkit is the home for your ideas, your projects, your business. Let your data grow with you. Different tools suit different tasks, just as other people feel comfortable with different tools. Whether you are planning meetings, monitoring the progress of your project, thinking of new design ideas, or creasing numbers, there is an opinion for you. Like all the best tools, Zenkit base is there when and where it should be. A dynamic and complete experience, mobile applications, real-time synchronization and integration with the tools you already use Zenkit desktop the perfect companion on the go.

Task Manager, project management, ERP, CRM, help desks, support and ticketing systems, personal planning, human resources and recruitment – everything you need is covered. Everything is connected. The same goes for your data. Tasks, clients, functions, errors, invoices: Whatever you need to organize, you can now log in to use synergies between them. Use one-click imports for Excel, spreadsheets, Wunderlist and Trello. Download Zenkit Base for Windows PC today!

It can be stressful to find the right tool to get you started. You could choose something simple, but five years from now you will have to turn to something more capable. Or you could start with a large, complex tool. But this is very complicated at first and slows you down.

The 8 Secrets of Zen Productivity:

The power of simplicity
Just start. When using a tool, you need to be able to understand it from the first moment. With the Zenkit Desktop application, you intuitively manage any project or organization.

The Power of Choice
The ability to switch perspectives allows you to see clearly and know where to go next. With Zenkit PC, you can work on a table, table, calendar, or Kanban list at the touch of a button.

The Power of Growth
A system switch can be a very expensive and dangerous business. Zenkit can offer you almost unlimited support in your structures and processes.

The Power of Synergy
Everything is connected. Where you have relevant information stored on separate systems, you lose knowledge and opportunities. With Zenkit you can easily link relevant data to create a simple but powerful database.

The Power of Mobility
Mobility gives you the freedom to access data anytime, anywhere. Keep your data in sync with Zenkit mobile and web applications.

The Power of Cooperation
Few things are as powerful as a common vision. When teams are able to work independently towards a single goal, amazing things can be achieved. With Zenkit you can share your data with friends and colleagues in real time.

The Security Force
Only when the security needs are met can you work towards your goals without distractions. Zenkit uses state-of-the-art security technology to ensure that your data remains secure and recoverable.

Her Power … well … Power
Knowledge is power. The powerful ability to search and replace Zenkit combined with bulk actions keeps your data relevant and useful. Unleash the power of your data.

Zenkit Features:

My diary
Multitasking? Do you need a way to keep track of tasks and events from different parts of your life? Sometimes you just need to see it all in one place. Enter “My Calendar”.

My team
Inbox for your team. A place to see all the information that has been assigned to you or to anyone you work with. Automatically create and assign elements to your team without getting lost in complex projects.

My favorites
Need a way to track data from your entire account in one place? Mark them as favorites so you can access them.

Monitoring activities
Watch the activities as they happen. See everything that happens in groups, collections and even individual items.

Invite colleagues, family and friends to work with you on your projects.

Let notifications help you instead of distracting you. Customize your alerts to get the information you need, when and where you need it.

Zenkit tag fields are flexible enough to categorize items, prioritize, track progress and much, much more. Organize Kanban tables with whatever label field you create.

Need a quick way to track down side jobs? Use a checklist! Track progress visually and mark things when they are over.

List of obligations
Turn any project into a to-do list and throw away your work! Mark the tasks as completed and watch them move down the list.

Global search
Do you need to get to an object quickly? Do you want to search for archived items? Worldwide search can find anything in seconds.

bibliographical references
Link collections to create a fully custom relational database that is as easy to use as a to-do list. More powerful than a link, reports keep your data in sync.

Create formulas using any number field or reference to connect, combine, and analyze data from any collection.

He reports
Do you need to notify other team members immediately of an important update? Use @references to ping your colleagues and bring relevant team members into the conversation.

Note: Zenkit account required. The Free Program has the following limitations: 2,000 items per collection, 1 GB of attachment and support for up to 5 users.

Download Last Version: Download Zenkit (latest version 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

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