Download VSDC Free Video Editor (64-bit) (Last 2021) for PC

Download Free Download VSDC Free Video Editor (64-bit) (Last 2021) for PC

Free 64bit VSDC video processor is customized for editing digital video and audio files in various formats, such as high definition and ultra high definition resolutions, offering professional results after production, as well as the ability to video recording from screen, voice recording, disc burning, storing multimedia files in various supported formats and uploading them to online platforms.

The application offers rich functionality, but has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create videos with minimal effort. Free 64-bit VSDC video processor it is one free video editing software with a complete set of instruments for all-round video creation!

Features and best moments

Non-linear video editing program
VSDC Free Video Editor is a non-linear tool. This means that unlike most other editors, where the scenes come one after the other in a linear sequence and specific order, this software allows objects to be placed anywhere in the timeline and to be of any size. In addition, various parameters, shape and position of objects can change arbitrarily over time.

Visual and sound effects
Various visual and sound effects can be applied to the videos to achieve the desired effect. As the number of available visual effects is very high, they are divided into five categories for ease of navigation: color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and especially fx.

Mixing features and Instagram-like filters
Another way to change the appearance of the video image according to your preferences is to mix colors. Using a wide range of customizable settings, you can attach a unique professional style to your video. Beginners or those who want to save time can take advantage of the stylish one-click Instagram filters.

VSDC Free video editor allows you to create different mask shapes to hide, blur, or highlight certain elements in your video. You can use it to apply special effects inside or outside the mask. One of the most common reasons for hiding is to blur or pixelize a person to protect their identity or create a video effect within a text.

Subpixel accuracy
Objects in a scene are positioned with subpixel precision, which makes smooth movement, rotation, transformation and precise relative placement.

Support for popular formats
Our software supports almost all video, video and audio formats and encoders. That way you will not need additional conversion tools to edit your files, as is often the case with other programs.

Create videos for specific multimedia devices
With a large set of predefined profiles, you can easily create videos for the most popular multimedia devices, such as DVD players, iPod / iPhone / iPad, PSP, any smartphone and regular phones, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Zune, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Blackberry, MP4 players and much more.

Built-in DVD burning tool
The processor has a DVD burning tool, which allows you to easily burn the results of your work to optical discs.

Video file converter
The application is designed for quickly convert video files from one form to another. It has some basic features for video editing: removing unnecessary sections, splitting your video into parts, and merging multiple files into one.

Download desktop video
The video editor has a desktop video capture utility that saves the captured footage to a video file for later editing in the editor.

Download video
Another feature of the editor is the ability to download videos from various video receivers, webcams, IP cameras and save video downloads to your computer in arbitrary format for subsequent editing.

Note: Limited functionality in the unregistered version.

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