Download Visual Paradigm Community Edition (2021 Latest)

Download Free Download Visual Paradigm Community Edition (2021 Latest)

Visual Paradigm Community Edition is a world top award winner business management and software development suite for Windows PC, which provides all the features you need for your business architecture, project management, software development and teamwork in a one-stop-shop solution. Visual Paradigm Community Edition is a complex UML modeling software for PC!

Different projects may require specific combinations of flexible tools, different situations or the nature of the problem. A flexible development environment should also include a rich set of tools for developers to adapt flexibly to their own choices. The tool consists of a large set of flexible tools to meet the needs of the entire software development process for your team. A selected group of large flexible tools in Visual Example are listed as follows: UX Modeling and Wireframe, Visual Modeling and Diagramming, Report Designer and Deliverable Generation, Database modeling, Code Engineering, and IDE Integration, Change Management and Teamwork.

Characteristics and main points

Project management
Walkthrough PM Lifecycle with Process Guide-Through and Just-in-Time Process. Traditional ITSM and PMBOK®-like standards are provided.

Business architecture
Business architecture with TOGAF® ADM. Compilation of ADM deliverables. A model with ArchiMate & Zachman. Business planning with BMM Guide-Through.

System modeling
Design software with UML, SysML, ERD, DFD and SoaML. Take advantage of the award-winning chart author. Create visual designs quickly and effortlessly.

Business modeling
Visualize business processes with BPMN and business cases with CMMN. Perform the process transition as it is and is going to be done. Keep business terminology in a glossary.

UX design
Execute a UX design. Draw a screen layout with Wireframes and show a screen stream with Storyboard.

Flexible requirements
Manage software development activities with Story Map, Affinity Estimation, User Story and multiple sprints. Ensure the user experience with storyboard and wireframes.

Database engineering
Design and create an ERD database. Reverse engineer database design from physical database and repair changes.

Code Engineering
UML to code, code to UML. Perform code generation and inversion. More than 10 languages ​​are supported. You can also create code for ORM and REST API.

Team cooperation
Collaborate at the same time. Keep reviews in the cloud or on a hosted server. Enjoy task management, publishing and communication design and more.

Note: Requires Eclipse SDK and NetBeans IDE.

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