Download TrueConf Server (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download TrueConf Server (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

IT managers love it TrueConf server because it can be installed directly and deployed in 15 minutes on your company network. TrueConf is maintained by your system administrator and does not depend on an Internet connection or low bandwidth.

  • 4K video conferencing and scalable SVC architecture
  • 100% internal installation software solution
  • Native multi-platform applications for all major platforms
  • Up to 12 users and 1 SIP / H.323 connection
  • Easy installation and control

Gone are the days when 4K video seemed impossible. UltraHD has already become the preferred choice for telemedicine, smart cities, digital signage and simple offices. TrueConf server provides 4K from point to point video calls and group conferences without additional licenses or support programs.

Features and best moments

No limits on possibilities and quality
UltraHD teleconferencing. Multi-platform client applications. Convenient collaboration tools. Address book with status and photos. Flexible management. All these features for free and forever.

Unified communications? Yes!
Presence statuses, user groups and policies. You can even connect video surveillance systems, PBX or existing video conference equipment via RTSP, SIP / H.323 to reach remote users or access PSTN lines.

The best new video conferencing product at ISE 2016
TrueConf server was awarded the annual Best of ISE Award for Best New Video Conferencing Product at Europe’s largest exhibition – Integrated Systems Europe 2016.

Ad Hoc Conference
Thanks to TrueConf, your employees will be logged in anytime, anywhere. Can’t attend a meeting on your computer? No problem, TrueConf provides multi-platform client applications for each operating system. Want to get a quick update on your department? With TrueConf, you can start a multi-click conference. Schedule a meeting in advance or create a virtual room to access it when you need it.

Web Communications No Add-ons
WebRTC support allows you to easily connect to a hosted video conference Free TrueConf server via any browser by clicking on a URL.

Unbeatable video and audio quality
With scalable video encoding (SVC) technology, you can be sure that each participant will have the best video and audio quality according to the capabilities of their device, communication channel, screen resolution and selected video window layout.

Unlimited cooperation
To make your workflow more efficient, support for content sharing, presentation, group messages, voting and recording functions in all client applications.

Embed video conferencing on websites
Integration with third-party applications, services and websites is easy with the help of built-in APIs and widgets.

Autonomous hosting or cloud based
By choosing the cloud version of the TrueConf Server communication platform, you have the same level of interoperability as TrueConf server, guaranteed connection quality and popular meeting apps for your team. Available on request.

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