Download Symfony (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download Symfony (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Symfony it is one set of PHP elements, a web application framework, a philosophy and a community – all work together harmoniously. The ultimate PHP framework for building web pages and web applications. Built on top of Symfony Components. A set of disconnected and reusable components on which the best PHP applications are based, such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish.

A passionate team of over 600,000 developers from more than 120 countries, all committed to helping PHP overcome the impossible. Embracing and promoting professionalism, best practices, standardization and interoperability of applications.

Six good reasons to use Symfony

It was quickly adopted by professionals working in this field since its release in 2005, Symfony Today it is a stable environment that is known and recognized internationally. The number of reports confirms this, as they have increased significantly since its release. The application is also an active community. developers, embeds, users and other contributors to the ongoing enrichment of this tool.

Originally created by the interactive agency SensioLabs. Designed by professionals for professionals, Symfony is primarily a realistic tool, the features of which meet the requirements of the real world. Permanent is also something related to long-term support. Professional web application support is provided by SensioLabs, but there is also a whole ecosystem that has been developed around the application since its release: the community (Looseness, Stack Overflow, etc.) and the many other service providers that have invested in the framework.

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Intranets, major public websites, social networks, community websites, workflow management and applications, etc. Examples are not missing: Hundreds of websites and applications of all sizes and types trust the data. This is especially true for Yahoo !, Dailymotion,,, and even applications such as phpBB and Drupal.

The program is what one would expect from a framework: Speed, flexibility, reusable componentsThen there is the structure of what has been developed and the use of best practices. Not bad! But that is not all! As SensioLabs has developed a habit of rocking the established class and always striving for excellence, (and its entire community) has developed a sense of curiosity that goes far beyond PHP. In addition, looking for continuous improvement in developer productivity, I envisioned the “web debugging toolbar” that came from other contexts, whether PHP or otherwise.

When using Symfony, you are sure that you will not “be left alone with your screen”. Whether it is community support (mailing lists, IRCetc.) or company support (consulting, training, etc.), you will always find the answers to your questions. Starting from the beginning that “a line without documents is a line that does not exist”, you will also find many projects dedicated to the application, which will help you throughout the development of your websites and applications.

The idea behind Symfony: Do not lock yourself in Symfony! Allow yourself to create applications that meet exactly your needs! The framework respects the existing “de facto standards” of PHP: PHPUnit, class name conventions, etc. without necessarily using the framework as a whole.

Note: Requires PHP.

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