Download Surfer (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download Surfer (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Surfer is an outline and 3D surface mapping software and powerful mapping of scientific data, modeling and analysis function for better understanding of your data. You work hard collecting your data. Do not abandon the visual display. Use the app’s extensive modeling tools to display your data in the way it deserves, while maintaining accuracy and precision. Communicate clearly information with Surfer for Windows. Discover the depths of your data with the tool’s numerous analysis tools. Adjust interpolation and grid parameters, evaluate spatial data continuity with variograms, define errors and breaklines, or perform grid calculations such as volumes, transformations, smoothing, or filtering. Computer surfer quickly converts your data into knowledge.

Be sure to announce your findings. Whether it is your project manager, thesis consultant or your client, the tool facilitates a complete and thorough understanding of the data. The software withstands the tests of time. See for yourself why thousands of scientists and engineers around the world trust the program to display their data.

Features and best moments

Create business maps
Easy communication of both simple and complex spatial data. The application gives you the tools create high quality maps to clearly deliver your message to colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

Model data in many dimensions
Get deeper information about your data when viewed in 3D. The 3D view of the software makes it easy to model, analyze and understand all aspects of your data. Switching between the 2D and 3D perspectives of your application ensures you discover all the patterns and trends of your data.

LiDAR Point Clouds
LiDAR is an increasingly popular data collection method used in many fields, such as archeology, research, GIS and more. Use the extensive LiDAR editing and visualization capabilities of the application to take advantage of all that LiDAR has to offer.

Improved workflows
You will start in a few minutes. The tool’s user interface was designed to take the guesswork out of learning a new program. We have worked hard to streamline workflows so that it is not needed.

Improve Maps and Models
The software gives you the tools to visualize and model all types of data, but it doesn’t stop there. Extensive application customization options allow you to convey complex ideas in an understandable way. Improve your maps and models with a variety of customization options.

Complete grid control
The application gives you extensive control over grid files. Create isopach maps for structural geology, calculate volumes for inventory management or derivatives for soil analysis and more website creation fitness models all with grid files. Get a full understanding of your underlying data.

Editing outlines
Edit the contour lines down to the finest detail. The software grid processor allows you to quickly customize border lines by interactively editing the underlying grid file. Brush, warp, smooth, push down or up and delete the grid nodes and see immediately the changes in the grid-based maps.

Grid data with certainty
You have full confidence in the accuracy of your model. The tool provides numerous interpolation methods for regular or irregularly separated data in a grid or raster, and each interpolation method provides complete control of the grid parameters. In addition, no time is wasted with multi-thread grids!

Make important decisions
Get answers to your questions with the program’s geo-processing tools. Process your data and analyze relationships. Limit areas of interest, highlight important intersections, or perform mathematical calculations on the underlying data to make up-to-date decisions.

Instant access to internet data
A wealth of data is in your hands waiting to be displayed. The tool gives you instant access to global aerial imagery, Open Street Map imagery, global vector data, and terrain data. If you have your own favorite data servers or have access to a private data server, include a custom link to this resource for easy access. The application facilitates access to surplus internet data.

Work seamlessly with all coordination systems
Your job is to turn data into valuable representations. The job of the software is to make it easier for you. The product manages effortlessly data and data that is not displayed in different / multiple coordinate systems. It really is that easy.

Full compatibility
Visually and seamlessly visualize data from multiple sources. The tool reads many file formats inherently, including SHP, DXF, and XLSX. The program also supports all popular export formats. A complete set of data management tools is at your disposal for full compatibility.

Work together with confidence
Quickly share your work with colleagues, stakeholders and clients. The application models are ready for print publishing in high quality export formats, including PDF or TIF. Alternatively, share your work online in web-compatible formats, such as JPG or PNG. If you are preparing for a presentation, just copy and paste your map or model into presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint the Word.

Note: 13-day trial version.

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