Download StaxRip (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download StaxRip (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

You want to copy video content from your own Blu-ray discs or DVD? If so, you can do it with an innovative tool called StaxRip. It has a range of demuxers, muxers, encoders and decoders that make it possible to copy movies. Not only that, but you can turn torn content into a variety of different formats. Choose a user-friendly format on the device you want to play on, such as Xbox, iPhone or PC.

The only functions you need on your device are .Network framework and DirectX. His files StaxRip can be exported to any folder. Just run the executable file in the folder to get started. The application can be run from any storage area, either from your hard drive or the pen drive. The great thing about this application is that it will not change the Windows registry at all.

Select the output profile

The Stax Rip the interface does not look like anything special. The look is quite typical, so it will be easy to understand. First select the output profile, such as XviD, Xbox 360, WebM, PS3, iPhone, iPad, DivX Plus or x264. Each standard profile is designed with enhanced settings to customize playback for that device. Alternatively, the encoding function can be selected between a reduced file size with lower video quality or a larger file size with better video quality.

On the other hand, any setting can be adjusted if desired. Just select the appropriate image filters, such as size, noise, crop and deinterlace, and resolution height and width. In addition, select the target device you will be using and the quality level you want.

Copy movie content

The application allows you to copy movie content from DVDs, Blu-ray Discs or Blu-ray folders. Just use the MakeMV feature to do this. And if you have regular video files in formats like .mov, .avi or .mpg, you can also convert them. This can be done through a batch or from folders or directories that contain these video clips. And if you want to merge multiple videos into one file, you can do that too.

When you work on a project in the application, you can save the project as its own file. Then you can just open the file to continue your work at any time. You can preview media files, batch multitasking, and manage encoders, decoders, decompressors, muxers, and filters. You can even change the special settings for tracks, subtitles, audio, images, filters, reminders, and compression controls.


When we tested the RAM and CPU consumption, it turned out to be fair. StaxRip was quick to perform conversion tasks and did not cause the operating system to generate error dialogs or have symptoms of waiting or shutdown. The biggest disadvantage of the tool is that it is aimed more at advanced users and not at beginners. But if you want a strong one Film ripper tool, then you will find great power in it.

Features and best moments

  • Handy
  • Well documented
  • Very flexible and customizable
  • Reasonable default values ​​for filters and encoders
  • Rich help system that includes, electronic help (assistant), help sensitive to the environment
  • Debugging and support system
  • Rich and convenient cutting / trimming facilities for tasks such as removing ads
  • To-do list and bulk editing
  • The required third-party applications can be easily managed, integrated and downloaded
  • Automatic internet updates
  • AviSynth is powered by excellent video quality and rich source support

Download Last Version: Download StaxRip (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

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