Download Sketch 360 14 APK from Microsoft Corporation

Download Free Download Sketch 360 14 APK from Microsoft Corporation

Sketch 360: A Microsoft Garage project

Sketch 360 helps you easily create 360-degree panoramic sketches, which are useful when you want to create a quick sketch of a space, real or virtual, when modeling can take a long time.

Whether you are an architect, virtual reality designer, urban sketcher, 3D game designer, or 360 video producer, you can easily create an accurate sketch from a visual angle that can be easily shared online using Sketch 360.

Draw on a glass using a straight rectangular grid and stencils as guides. Perforations help you draw vertical and curved horizontal lines that end up looking straight when viewed in 360.

As you draw in the drawing window, the sketch is projected inside a sphere with you in the center, rotating the 360 ​​view to point to the last path of the sketch. You can also use the tilt and rotation of your device to determine the look of a virtual window pane.

Works perfectly with multi-screen devices and devices that support pressure-sensitive pens such as the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Export JPEG images that can be viewed as 360-degree photos on sites such as, Adobe Lightroom,, or applications such as VR Media Player.

Sketch 360 is a Microsoft Garage project. Microsoft Garage turns new ideas into real projects. Learn more about The Garage at:

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