Download SAPPHIRE TriXX (2021 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download SAPPHIRE TriXX (2021 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

SAPPHIRE TriXX is a critical software package for any homeowner Sapphire graphics cards, helping them achieve the best performance that can be extracted from their powerful gaming hardware, monitor the stability of their graphics card and take full control of its visual aspect Computer game experience.

It is presented in a very bold and impressive design in order to please the players of life and the lovers of technology who try to extract the maximum performance from their material, SAPPHIRE TriXX packs a wide variety of tools designed to fully control the basic overclocking functions of the latest GPU cards and all secondary sensors, monitoring tools, RGB lighting and data entries.

Installation and use

After quick and simple installation, its users SAPPHIRE TriXX will be welcomed with the futuristic and visually very bold user interface that looks more like the main dashboard display of modern cars.

The two large dial areas focus on the two most important GPU card readings, the GPU core clocks and the memory clocks, while the rest of the window focuses on smaller sections dedicated to real-time monitoring or control functions such as GPU Temperature Showcase, overclocking calls. for GPU clock, memory, voltage and fan speeds, save and load profiles, access card information and more.

Overclocking tools can handle the following:

  • The GPU watch
  • The memory clock (including HBM overclocking to R9 FURY)
  • Power limit
  • GPU voltage
  • Fan speed (with up to 5 custom profiles)

Nitro Glow RGB control
The RGB illumination on the Sapphire GPU is controlled within the “Nitro Glow” window, which supports the activation of preset optical presets or the creation of new custom color and brightness settings. If you want, you can also connect RGB color with GPU temperature, fan speed or turn it off completely.

Cooling fan diagnostic
The last important part of the SAPPHIRETriXX application is its diagnostic system that can be activated with the “Fan Check” tool. In this mode, the application will test the actual cooling limits of your card, pushing the fans to maximum speed and determining the effect of the generated airflow. This test successfully calibrates your GPU to the capabilities of the current cooling setting, taking into account any possible reduction in the fan’s ability to move air (due to their age or the presence of dust on the cooling system blades).

Fan Check is also the best way to determine if your GPU fans need to be replaced, a service that is sometimes covered by Sapphire’s warranty offer.

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