Download rescue data (last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download rescue data (last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Computer data rescue is a hard drive recovery software that can retrieve your photos, videos, documents from: damaged, damaged or unassembled hard drives. Random hard disk reset or operating system reinstallation. Previous deletion, corrupted files or missing files. Data rescue is a handy hard drive and file recovery software. It works when it is different computer recovery software has failed.

A powerful new feature was found on Data rescue for Windows is BootWell. Your computer’s main hard drive (sometimes referred to as the Main HD or boot drive) is where all your computer files are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive, it can be very difficult, frustrating and time consuming to recover these files. BootWell is a new feature that makes retrieving your main hard drive painless, fast and easy.

Characteristics and main points

Quick scan
Quick Scan is the fastest way to detect existing directory structures even if your hard drive is not connected. This scan will detect files with the original folder hierarchies and filenames. It is recommended that you try this scan method first if the volume on the hard disk is detected. Fast scan can only be used at volume. If you have selected the hard disk to be scanned, Quick Scan will try to find the first available volume on the hard disk and then recreate the directory structure for this volume.

Deleted scan files
Scanning deleted files uses unused volume for files based on file patterns. Scanning only free space allows Deleted Files Scan to specifically detect any files that have been deleted. Once the files are deleted through the operating system, there is no longer a reference to the original directory structure, file name or creation / modification date. It will not be able to locate the original information of this file in the directory structure. Instead, Data Rescue® will recreate all the files it finds based on its file patterns. The results of scanning deleted files will be provided with generic filenames and will be organized by category in the Rebuilt Files folder.

Deep scan
Deep scan is a complete data recovery scanning method that provides the most possible results. Deep Scan is a two-part scan method: 1. Detects existing directory structures on the hard disk. 2. Scan the entire hard disk for any file patterns to recreate the raw data of any recognized files.

The purpose of the application cloning is to copy a hard disk or volume to another hard disk or volume, so that the copy can be scanned, reducing damage to the original hard disk. This will free the hard drive from use while retaining the data on it for future scans. Cloning is usually not required to scan and recover files with this tool. The goal is to transfer all the data from source to destination, creating a perfect one-to-one copy where possible. In some cases, due to disk errors in the source, copying can be prevented to the point where the perfect 100% is not possible due to the huge slowdown of the reading rate caused by errors. then the goal is to transfer as much source data as possible to the destination within a certain period of time.

It has extensive support for RAID drives. If RAID appears in the source list, you can scan it and clone it as a regular drive. However, if the RAID is configured or if each individual member is displayed as its own drive, it has the ability to create a virtual RAID to simulate the hardware RAID.

BootWell lets you create a dedicated boot drive that can be used to recover files from the main boot hard drive. When booting into BootWell, you can unplug your internal hard drive and enter a boot environment so that you can recover files from the main boot hard drive and avoid the extra steps of creating your own DataRescue bootable copy.

Note: You can only scan drives and preview files, the recovery function is disabled.

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