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Download Free Download Philips Sonicare 10.4.0 APK from Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Do you remember when you learned to brush? Neither we! It turns out that most people do not brush properly.

Have you ever wondered how well you brush your teeth? When you attach the Philips Sonicare toothbrush to the app, you will receive personalized information and guidance, as well as tips to improve your brushing habits. This helps you to have a healthy mouth and a confident smile.

Keep in mind that you must have a toothbrush attached to use the app. By connecting to the app, you will also receive the latest updates for the brushing experience.

With our most advanced toothbrush – Sonicare 9900 Prestige – the application works in harmony with your brush for access to the full range of benefits, such as:

– Guided brushing in real time to brush better.
– SenseIQ to automatically detect and adjust your brushing style.
– Automatic synchronization for updates without your phone nearby.

Your experience with the Sonicare app will vary depending on the toothbrush you have and where you live:

– 9900 Prestige – SenseIQ, mouth chart, personalized guidance and tips.

– DiamondClean Smart and FlexCare Platinum Connected – mouth map with location guidance and unanswered area alerts.

– DiamondClean 9000 and ExpertClean – SmarTimer and brushing guides.

In the Sonicare application:

Real-time brushing instructions
The Sonicare app monitors your habits, such as how you touch all areas of your mouth, how long you brush or how much pressure you apply, and guides you with personalized tips. This coaching helps ensure consistent, complete coverage every time you brush.

The dashboard is attached to the Sonicare toothbrush to collect your brushing habits. Every day and week, you will receive an accurate, easy-to-read report that gives you the brushing information you need to improve and maintain your oral health.

Automatic brush head re-order service
Never run out of spare brush heads again. The Sonicare app monitors the actual use of the brush head, and the brush head replay service automatically provides replacements exactly when you need them. The brush head replication service is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan.

The dentist is ready to see you! With Sonicare Teledentistry solutions, you simply provide some background information and some photos of your mouth and receive a personalized, comprehensive dental evaluation by a licensed dentist within 24 hours. Telemedicine solutions are only available in the United States.

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