Download PDF (Last 2020) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download PDF (Last 2020) for Windows 10, 8, 7

PDF item is a strong one, though easy to use PDF editing system where you can create, organize and secure your files. With flexible pricing, fully equipped modules and impeccable performance, PDFelement 2021 edition is the favorite document management system of many major companies, including many Fortune 500 dealers.

The system was designed with usability in mind, which means it gives you complete control of your PDF content and a range of almost unlimited conversion options. Adaptation, however, is not the only strength Wondershare PDF item has to offer – it’s as good as it gets when it comes to smart technology, as it allows you to make all the desired modifications without affecting the formatting or style of your documents. The interface is literally non-cerebral and the navigation is based on simple but fully optimized UX designs.

The recently introduced toolkit helps small and medium-sized businesses further redefine their workflows and offers even more streamlined design and a range of cutting-edge features such as automated form recognition and form data extraction. Users can now edit and create beautiful forms with a single click, as they have access to a library of ready-to-use templates. Their updated word processor supports intelligent paragraph recognition that matches different fonts and styles. Even better, the data can be easily exported in any desired format.

“We highly recommend it to groups concerned about the security of their sensitive corporate data, as the software goes beyond standard protection by offering AES 256-bit password encryption in protect PDF files and allowing the user to edit text, create and manage digital signatures, and assign permissions to team members who are allowed to edit content.

Features and best moments

Powerful Optical Character Processing (OCR)
With PDFelement 2020 at the latest, the user takes full control of their PDF files and can customize anything from fonts to style without affecting the original formatting of the document. The particular advantage here is that users can also edit scanned files, using Visual Character Recognition System which makes documents searchable and selectable in more than 20 languages. Spell checker is also available to correct minor errors and typographical errors, and text adjusts automatically when a paragraph / line changes.

Create and combine PDF files
How many PDF editors do you know of? The tool solved a huge problem in the document management industry, making it possible to convert over 300 professional-looking PDF file formats. To make things even better, it allows you to merge entire files and reorganize pages regardless of the original setting. It will also provide bulk PDF creation and enable an easy and convenient indexing method for organizing files on your behalf.

Export and convert PDF documents
With the PDF tool, your conversion possibilities are simply unlimited – all your files can be easily converted to HTML, images, Microsoft documents and so on. If you wish, you can also split these files into several smaller documents in different formats and then export them to a convenient location. Bulk conversion will not be a problem.

Create easy-to-fill PDF formats
PDF Powerful automated data form recognition technology allows businesses to improve productivity and turn their offerings into beautiful forms that save time and eliminate all paperwork. Any of the incomplete forms you have created Word, Excel, or other applications, can be converted to PDF with one-click editing. To make things even better, this program 6 lets you add all the desired fields, buttons and frames to an existing form or create a brand new one using some of their beautiful templates.

Export data from scanned PDFs
This is a revolutionary step forward in form automation technology, as tool users will now be able to use the company’s advanced OCR technology to eliminate manual labor and analyze data from their files in their original form. All custom field data on your forms or scanned invoices can be easily exported and the same export rules can be enabled for all PDF files with a similar layout.

A whole new level of word processing
The program has one of the smoothest and friendliest word processors you have ever used, which not only prepares the content the way you need it, but also fixes offline documents, ensuring that you do not lose formatting or damage it. original layout of the file. You can change words, lines, or entire paragraphs using the system’s intelligent paragraph recognition technology. Typographical errors are recognized and corrected immediately with the ability to spell check and the style and font of your original documents are preserved by default.

Excellent security
As mentioned earlier, the product is one of the most secure document management systems out there that allows you to store and share content without worrying about getting it in the wrong hands. This means you can create and manage your own signatures, use 256-bit AES encryption for your passwords, assign users with different permissions, and empty sensitive text to ensure confidentiality.

Review and commentary
The software is designed for groups rather than individuals, so it offers a number of collaboration features. It will be incredibly easy to comment, tag and mark documents, add stamps and annotations and add a familiar set of shapes and arrows to distinguish a document and help your team figure out how to proceed.

PDF allows you to create your own forms with buttons, check boxes, and text boxes, but it also ensures that you have a list of man-made templates to make this process easier. Additionally, this system makes it possible to convert scanned documents into functional and add-on files that you can then export to your preferred format.

Note: You can convert up to 5 pages. Watermark on edited PDF files. OCR function is not available.

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