Download ManyCam (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download ManyCam (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

ManyCam it is one free camera software for pc and video switching that lets you enhance video chats and create stunning live streaming across multiple platforms. With the application, you will be able to create professional shows on your favorite platforms, capture your screen, add many effects and more.

ManyCam improves your real time video chat and streaming Experience and turn your PC into a professional live video production and conversion studio. Add amazing effects and camera graphics in your videos and photos. Fearful funny webcam filters makes you look even better on camera. Add crazy masks or face effects using face recognition technology. Give yourself a new webcam background so that it looks like you are in a studio or makes you look like you are on fire or snowing in your home! ManyCam Offline PC Setup has a huge library of thousands of effects.

Features and best moments

Use multiple video sources
The program allows you to quickly switch between up to 12 videos, audio and video sources. Use the drop-down menu in the source window to add another camera, still image, photo snapshot, pre-recorded video, or desktop as your video source. Select crop or slow switch between different sources.

Screencast on your desktop
The screencast is a recorded video of the actions you perform on your computer screen. Video recording of your desktop and save it to your computer or decide to view your desktop live while using the application. You can also use this tool as a YouTube video source to record videos to your desktop.

YouTube integration
Stream and stream videos from YouTube using the YouTube video source. Just use the drop-down menu and select “YouTube URL” from the drop-down menu. You can then enter the URL of the video you want to use as the video source and it will start playing automatically.

Broadcast on many channels
The product allows you to use the webcam with different applications at the same time. Use this app to talk to your friends and family on Skype, Google Hangouts, and Enlargement of meetings at the same time or use it for live streaming on different sites at the same time.

Picture in picture
Picture in Picture is a video effect where one image or video source is in full screen mode while other videos or images are displayed in one or more smaller windows. This means you can screencast your desktop for example while leaving your actions in a smaller window. With the Picture and Picture feature of the app, you can add up to four picture and image sources to your videos while streaming or making a video call. Drag your image and image around, resize, or use the screen split feature.

Green screen
The tool’s Green screen or Chroma key lets you remove your real background from the video stream and replace it with an image, video, or any other supported video source so you can see it anywhere Choose from a simple background color or upload any image or video of your choice. Just select the color you want to remove from the video stream, then select one of the preset images, upload your own custom background, or select a video source using the image in image mode.

Lower third
A lower third is a graphical overlay on the lower third of the screen. It is usually used to add titles or captions, for example, your name and title, your company name, your website domain or any other information you want to highlight.

At home or on the go, feel more connected to your loved ones and share great moments as they happen. Use your mobile phone as a video source with the application’s Mobile Source application. Record live video on the go, away from your computer, and stream directly to the software using your phone, or use your phone directly as a live source while on the air.

Add 3D masks, effects and graphics
Get creative and have fun! Use or create your own custom objects, face accessories, background and add them to the video window. You can even publish your custom effects to the library or download them directly to your computer. With the tool’s easy-to-use effects creation platform, you can create and publish your own custom effects in the application library or download them directly to your computer. It is a complete offline installer of the program.

Design and text
Use the built-in image editing software to design or add text to the live video stream. Design your video while you are there Skype, YouTube or any other video software. Just add the program as a video source for any application!

Create playlists and stream them to live streaming sites or during conference calls. Set up pre-installed media presentations and let them play at the pace you set. You can also set up the app to switch between multiple camera angles when setting up shows or tutorials so your viewers can see what you’re doing!

The RTMP feature allows you to stream live Drawing, USTREAM and YouTube live events. Get connected to your favorite sites and streaming services fast! Set the preferred RTMP flow within the tool and quickly switch between where and when you want to stream!

IP camera
With the software, easily configure and watch the video system. View IP cameras on your computer and monitor your home, office, car park or wherever you need security. The webcam software supports MJPG as well as H.264 Streams

Motion detection
Use the motion detection program and notify us via email when movements are detected. You can use it with IP cameras to improve your security system solution.

For professionals out there who want to be more productive and work faster, the app has the ability to customize hotkeys. The access keys allow you to activate different functions and tools, even when the tool is running in the background of live streaming or video chat. This way, you can create professional-looking live videos with Many Cam without having to go back to the main screen of the software.

The toolbar
Here will be released all your favorite features, everything will be just a click away with this new design. Once you click on one of the tools, the box next to it will open with all these features, settings and tools.

Everyone knows that you love different tools in each mode, so the new user interface is completely modular! Navigate to the “widgets” in each tool and keep what you need most at the top! You will also be able to prefer your favorite widgets and keep them in your favorite tool so that you can have all the widgets you use most often in one tool.

Note: Free download with limited features. Try before you buy!

Also available: Download ManyCam for Mac

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