Download KeeWeb (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download KeeWeb (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

KeeWeb is a free platform password manager for your Windows operating system! The best desktop password manager application makes it easy to store and protect passwords online or offline. Enjoy!

Features and best moments

Desktop applications for all platforms
Desktop applications look beautiful on any platform: macOS, Windows and Linux. You can open local files in desktop applications.

Offline web application
The web version has almost all the features available in desktop applications. It requires no installation and works in all modern browsers.

Switch between dark and light theme, whatever you want most.

Favorites of colors
Mark colored objects and locate them easily using the Colors tab.

Multiple file support
Open multiple files, search for any entry, or view all items from all files as a list.

A search for all files
Search works for all files, everything is done from one search box.

Dropbox Sync
Open files from Dropbox, synchronizes changes to all devices automatically.

Easy import of labels
Add tags to arrange entries. Select them quickly in the list or add new ones.

Transport and storage
Upload registration attachments and database files directly to the application.

Protected fields
Fields can be hidden when you need them. They will also be stored in memory more securely than regular fields.

password creation
Generate passwords any length you want, with only symbols you want.

Offline access
Files are saved for offline use, even those opened by Dropbox. You can always access the offline version, the changes will be synced automatically when you are logged in again. Download KeeWeb for Windows PC now!

Advanced search options
Narrow your search by specifying fields, searching for passwords, history, and using strong regular expression syntax.

All changes you make are recorded in the history. You can reset to any state or delete the state completely.

Mobile browser support
View details and copy passwords using mobile browsers.

Login icons
Select an icon from the set of high-resolution preset icons, download a site favicon, or use your own icons.

Automatic update
Desktop applications can be updated. There are many options: update and install, display alert or disable at all.

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