Download IcoFX (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download IcoFX (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

IcoFX is an award-winning professional cursor icon and editor for Windows PC. It’s one all-in-one solution for creating icons, export and processing. Designed to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Macintosh icons that support transparency. Create Windows icons up to 768×768 resolution for Windows 10 and Macintosh icons up to 1024×1024 resolution for Macintosh OSX 10.7 Lion.

Features and best moments

Create icons and cursors
Create icons for Windows and Macintosh. Support for Windows 10 768×768 icons with PNG compression. Convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons and vice versa. Support for static and moving runners. Create a favicon for your website or blog.

Import, export and export
You can easily turn your favorite images into icons or cursors or icons into images. Supported BMP, PNG, JPG, JPG2000, TIF and GIF image formats. You can export icons from other files, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Macintosh.

Advanced processor
IcoFX has a complete image editor with many useful tools. You can use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and even mixing modes when painting. With more than 40 effects in your hands, there is virtually no limit to the icons you can create.

Image objects
Use of prefabricated create an image object icon it has never been easier. You can combine image objects into layer-based images using IcoFX. Allows you to rearrange, combine layers and change their opacity.

Bulk process files
You can easily work with multiple files using the tool’s batch editing capability (Business License). Create, convert, export or export all your icons or cursors with just a few clicks.

Icon libraries
Ico FX lets you create and edit icon and cursor libraries using the built-in resource editor. Using the resource editor you can also change icons within exe files.

Note: Free 30 day trial, limited functionality. At the end of the evaluation period, the Save function will be deactivated.

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